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Phases of life….

Yesterday I pulled three hairs off my chiny, chin, chin! I noticed a few more wrinkles and a little more drooping here and there. Ah, getting older. What does it all mean? It’s been on my mind lately. A couple weeks ago, I watched a segment on one of the morning shows that featured Twiggy. Do you know about Twiggy? She’s the model from the 60’s who was a phenom and very successful. She went on to do much more than modeling and won several awards for her acting in films and on Broadway. As she is maturing (a mere 68 now), she continues to be incredibly successful, growing more and more businesses, and seemingly happy with her life. What first caught my attention in the piece is that she has had absolutely no work done on her face. That’s very unusual for famous people today, women and men alike. Like me, she’s scared to go under the knife and doesn’t like the look of some who have had a lot of work. Knowing I won’t be doing anything about the wrinkles on my face, neck and hands (aside from the usual primping with oils and moisturizers) the thought has passed through my mind of how I’ll be viewed in the coming years as the wrinkles really set in. Will I still be valued? Will I feel my own value? My mother always used to tell me that she didn’t feel as old as the woman she saw in the mirror. I get that now. Looking at my changing body, I know that I feel so young, happily getting up in the morning to work, participate in my millions of interests, create, connect with friends and family, and live a full life. Twiggy’s appearance on tv came at a good time for me. She is so vibrant and interested in life. She reminded me that age truly is a state of mind. And there are also truly the perks of wisdom! Thanks, Twiggy, for continuing to be a phenom and a beautiful example of who a woman can be throughout her life. Where are you in your phase of life? Are you resisting, or diving right in and seeing possibilities for yourself?