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Create a Life of Pure Aliveness

Journey to deep inner knowing, crazy self-love, and wild expressive freedom!

Awaken Your Heart and Soul

Have you noticed a crystal-clear voice that wells up from deep within you — a voice that speaks to creating and living a life that is true for you, a life in which you feel truly alive?

Welcome!  I’m Ina Jubert, Personal & Professional Coach, Creative, and Teacher. For more than 20 years I have been a champion for clients who are ready to listen to the deep wisdom of their inner voice and to take the steps to bring that wisdom to life.

When we notice the voice of our heart and soul and answer its call wholeheartedly, magic happens.  A whole new world has the potential to open up to us.  In those moments, we get to see who and how we want to be, authentically and uniquely.

  • Are you ready to learn to awaken your wise, unique voice to design the life you want to live?
  • Are you ready to face blocks and limiting beliefs and make choices to shatter them and transform your life’s path?
  • Are you ready to experience deep inner knowing, crazy self-love, and wild expressive freedom?

If you said “yes” to any or all of these questions, then I invite you to explore The Coaching Journey and Joyous Expression of Me (JEM) and SoulCollage® Workshops, and Events, and to connect with me — info@inajubert.comto discover the possibilities open to you to awaken your heart and soul and create a life that is alive with passion, purpose, and joy!

The Coaching Journey

The coaching process deepens your self-knowledge and moves you through fears and blocks to reach those moments of illumination where the truth of what you truly want to create for your life finds its voice and moves you into action.

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Joyous Expression of Me (JEM) Workshops

JEMs are group coaching and energy workshops that give you the breathing space and support to focus on exploring your heart’s desires, seeing new possibilities, and identifying steps to take action and create purposeful change in your life. 

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Creating Aliveness Blog

Visit the Creating Aliveness Blog for inspiration, insights, and explorations of life, spirit, energy, meditation/ mindfulness, creativity, and thought-provoking questions of the great unknown!


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“In the stillness of deep night, or the quiet of early morning’s blush, can you hear the voice that beats from your heart? Do you seek the answers to awaken your soul? I invite you to journey to the place inside of you, where all is illuminated, all is revealed, to the place of pure aliveness.”

– Ina Jubert

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Finding Oneself Anew

The past several months have been life shifting for me and my husband and we’ve been pushed onto an unfamiliar path. I believe this is what is meant by the curve balls of life! I’ve had curve balls, but not quite like this. This time I thought, “Wait. I’ve been in the...

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When Life Gets Complicated

It's not going to be a shock to any of you when I say, sometimes life flows so easily – other times, not so much. Sometimes life gets complicated, unmoored even. What you imagine, hope for, dream of for your life gets dramatically changed in an instant, or even quite...

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