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My Story

Driven by Purpose, Creativity, Passion

Listening to My Heart’s Voice

As with so many, I walked through the early part of my life living out the expectations of others. Certainly, some things fit and, absolutely, some things did not. But it was difficult to put into words exactly what was missing, or not part of me, or where there may be more. I wanted to feel alive in my life, not just be in a state of surviving or doing and being what was expected of me. So, I took a life-changing step to shake up the very foundation of my life. That’s when my life began, in my determination to find my purpose, to be a whole person, to make choices based on my inner knowing, and to confidently voice my needs and passions – my heart and soul. A whole new world of passion, love, and creativity opened up to me. I grew to know that my mission was to share this journey, to be the champion for you to develop and listen to your deep inner knowing, to learn to love yourself like crazy, and to genuinely express your heart, soul, passions, desires, and gifts.

Coaching (professional and personal) and teaching have been my passions for more than 25 years. And, because I am an avid explorer of all ways to create vibrant, energetic and passionate ways of being, I’m able to bring various personal and professional development disciplines and modalities to my coaching practice and workshops. Some of these pursuits include: coaching certifications from Success Unlimited Network (SUN) and the Neuroleadership Institute (NLI) – Brain-based Coaching; Shamanic Training and Tollerra Energy Mastery System certification, both with Mary Ann Robbat; and Reach 360 Personal Brand Analyst certification; Human Design Specialist, with Karen Curry, Certified SoulCollage® Facilitator, to name just a few.  I have worked with business professionals from vice presidents to high-potentials and individual contributors from all types of industries and professions. I’ve also worked with entrepreneurs, medical professionals, artists, and with people who are changing careers and lifestyles.  All are seeking to make decisions for their lives from their deep inner knowing, so they find joy and peace within themselves.

I live in Massachusetts with my husband, Carl, and my two kitties, Falafel and Luna. I have a very full life focused on the people and passions that bring me joy – making art, photography, cooking and eating luscious food, reading a good mystery novel, learning, learning learning, and connecting with those I love so much. I wake up in the morning wondering what new, creative expression awaits my discovery and action!

“One of my greatest joys is to witness the moments of illumination when each person clearly sees into the deepest beauty, desires, and wisdom of their heart and soul and learns the gift they are in this world.  Then they can walk confidently with their own compass leading them through their life’s path, deeply connected to their worth and wise knowing .”  Ina Jubert