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I get to….

I’m kind of on a roll!  This is my second blog today!  Actually, I’ve committed to writing a blog at least twice a month. I have my soul sister, Maria, holding me accountable.  I think I told her I’d write one once a week.  Shhhh! We won’t tell her I’m cheating a little!

Maria and I are also “word buddies”.  We have been texting each other our words for the day for the last 6 weeks.  We follow-on with a statement that reads, “Today I get to….”, which is related to the word we choose.  Sometimes we keep the same words for a few days or more, perhaps changing the “I get to…” statement as we become clearer about why we chose the word and how we are experiencing the unfolding of the intention.  As I look at my words, I see a theme emerging around finding peace within myself by allowing myself to cherish who I am.  One of the words and statements best describes this little journey through words (words are very powerful!). It is Reflect.  My statement accompanying this word is, “I get to take in how far I’ve come, and to notice the wisdom I see and experience within me when I let myself clearly see and be my true self.”  I know those moments of clarity.  And, sometimes I let them get clouded by other’s opinions as they trigger insecurities and fears in me.  This exercise is allowing me to create my own personal mantras.  They are reminders for me that I KNOW who I am.  When I’m feeling off, I can use these mantras to take myself back to that memory and regain my center, loving myself all the way.  What’s your word for today?  And, what do you get to do, be, or have to bring your word to life for you?