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The Coaching Journey

Awaken and Ignite Your Purpose, Heart, and Soul
Find Your Path to a Life Re-Imagined

The Coaching Journey helps you to truly make the change you are seeking in your life.

Whether you are seeking support in your personal or professional life, or for your whole life, the coaching process deepens your self-knowledge. You clear through the clutter that has built up in your life and has stopped you from remembering who you are and what you want, at your core and in your heart.  It moves you from fears and blocks to moments of illumination where what you truly want to create for your life finds its voice and moves you into action.

Do any of the life experiences below sound like where you are right now?

  • Do you enjoy a level of success, but something is missing?
  • Does your life seem full or very busy, but you don’t have a sense of satisfaction?
  • Are you a go-getter, but you are no longer sure what you’re going after?
  • Do you set intentions, but you notice they are intentions to fulfill others’ expectations?
  • Do you find yourself in familiar circumstances over and over, but can’t quite figure out the patterns that keep you stuck?

Is it time to reawaken your life?  In The Coaching Journey we will work together to explore and open the path to the joy, purpose, and passion your heart and soul are longing to set free.  You will emerge fully into the life you were meant to live! 

The Journey starts here:

Awaken – Dive into self-discovery, the heart of creating change, and reestablish or deepen your relationship with yourself. The core of this process is finding your Life/Soul Purpose. Your Purpose represents why you are here and what you were meant to experience and express in the world. It provides you with the thread to connect with your life, your passions, and your path.

Emerge – As you find clarity in your purpose, you will reimagine what is possible for your life.  You will begin to build, or rebuild, your life in alignment with who you are and create a roadmap for moving from where you are now to where you want to be.

Ignite You are ready to step on that path and take action toward your goals.  This is where the journey gets juicy!  On your way to achieving your goals, you will explore and shift out of limiting beliefs, patterns of behavior and thoughts that no longer work for you.  You will learn to make conscious, deliberate choices for creating the life you truly want, a life where you feel truly alive and happy.

I will be with you on every step of your journey, nurturing your spirit, inspiring you to think differently about your life, and holding you accountable for acting on your commitments to yourself. You will receive guidance, tools, and techniques to break through your limiting beliefs, and ignite and realize your success and happiness in your whole life.

“Ina approaches her coaching and healing practice from a place of authentic wisdom. With energy, curiosity, and respect, she supports me as I clarify my vision, find the voice of my dreams and desires, and make choices to enjoy my authentic self.”
- Jennifer E

Are you ready to start your journey to deep inner knowing, crazy self-love, and wild expressive freedom?

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