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Introduction to SoulCollage® Workshop: Awakening


SoulCollage® is a creative process that awakens and enlivens your heart and soul.  Using your intuition and creative spirit, you craft personal oracle cards then consult the cards using questions designed to uncover the wisdom within the energy of the cards and within yourself.  The cards provide support for life questions, help you open to possibilities, and teach you about your personal power.

This workshop introduces you to the SoulCollage® method of self-discovery as you reflect on what is means for you to awaken to yourself, your desires, and your energy and spirit in this world. Imagine tuning into the messages from your heart and soul and receiving guidance on how to listen to your inner voice and to express that voice with confidence.  As you work with the energy of the card you create, you will find that the SoulCollage® practice is filled with surprising, profound, meaningful and inspiring moments.  Are you ready to creatively explore what is possible for you?

What to know about this workshop:

  • New and experienced SoulCollage® creators are welcome
  • You do not need to have any artistic ability to create your SoulCollage® cards and experience their wisdom
  • Materials & images: When you register, you will receive a list of materials and tools to have on hand, and you will have access to more than 100 copyright free images. I also invite you to look through your own photos and choose a few that you may want to add to your card.

For some inspiration, I’m sharing one of my cards along with the message from the “I am the one who” practice that you will experience in the workshop:

Card Name: The Creative

IAOW Practice:  We ask the card – “Who are you?”

I am the energy and spirit of your creative voice and actions.  I am the creative, the energy that is driven to be free to explore, to try new and many ways to understand and express myself, to confidently be different and to love all those differences, and the knowing that I will find my tribe of heart-connected creators.  I am the breath of your life.


This card is so powerful for me as I  fully step into and embrace my creative spirit.  Most importantly, this energy is helping me to express my creativity in all parts of my life.  As the creator of SoulCollage®, Seena Frost says, “You will love making these cards, love finding their meanings, and love sharing them with others. The deck becomes your visual journal. When you hold your cards in your hands, it is like holding up a reflection of your many-faceted self.” My creative spirit is an essential part of my many-faceted self.

Would you like to learn how to connect with the many facets of you and your powerful self?  I invite you to join me for this fun, creative, energetic, soul tending, soul awakening, and sublimely meaningful event!  Get ready to explore what it means to be grounded in your sense of self and what is possible.

  • Location: Zoom
  • Date:  Look for new dates for the new year!  See below for more workshops in 2023!
  • Time: TBD
  • Cost: $49
  • Registration: To register, and for questions, please email me at ina@inajubert.com, and I will send you payment information and additional details to prepare you for the evening.

To learn more about SoulCollage®, watch this video of the creator, Seena Frost, speak to the meaning and process of SoulCollage®.

An Evening of Meditation and Mindfulness for Peace


When life seems out of control, we may wonder how we can create and sustain peace within ourselves, and in our families, our communities, and, yes, even in the world. Where do we begin? There have been many sages who have reminded us that to effect peace outside of ourselves, we must create it within ourselves, within our hearts and minds. From this place we have more capacity to build understanding, create clarity, and find strength in our compassion, love, and positive and hopeful intentions.

I invite you to join me for an evening of meditation and mindfulness focusing on peace from the inside out. In this evening you will:

  • Meditate to bring yourself into peaceful stillness
  • Mindfully remind yourself of where you find peace within your heart, mind, and body
  • Connect with your ability to send peaceful intentions out to the world, connecting with your own capacity to do this beautiful energetic work and through connection with the collective consciousness of peace
  • Have the time and space to create a reminder of the essence and learnings of your experience this evening. Choose whatever you are inspired to create – Intentional journaling (written or visual); Write a poem or story; Write a letter to yourself or your family; Create a SoulCollage® card; Create a dance; Write a song; Draw or paint. Or create whatever is helpful for you to hold your sense of peace.
  • Share your peaceful wisdom with the group

This session is my gift to anyone who wishes to shine the light of peace within themselves and out to a world that needs so much love and attention. I know that not all conflicts have an easy remedy, even conflicts within ourselves. I do know with certainty that we can choose to look boldly and honestly at ourselves, how we receive and perceive, and what energy and intention we send out to those we love and to the world around us.

Please join me!

When:  TBD

Where: Zoom – details sent upon registration

How to register: Send email to ina@inajubert.com


SoulCollage® Open Studio Session


Have you had SoulCollage® cards in mind that you’ve been wanting to create for a while but haven’t quite gotten to them? Or perhaps you’ve wanted time to explore creating new cards to expand your personal SoulCollage® oracle card deck. The SoulCollage® Open Studio Session is designed to simply give you the time and space to create and connect with your SoulCollage® cards.  Each time you add cards to your deck, you magnify all the facets of you and deepen your journey to self-awareness and self-understanding.  The more cards you have to explore you, the more opportunities you have to learn, grow, change, and cherish all of you.

In the Open studio Session, you’ll receive support to help you ground and open to your insight.  Then you’ll create cards at your own pace. The session includes:

  • A meditation to bring you into your energy and intuition
  • Card-making time: quick card making practice to get you into the flow & open time so you can create cards at your own pace
  • Optional practice: “I am the One Who” (IAWO) exercise to get to know your card

Whether you have made two or two hundred cards, the SoulCollage® Open Studio Session will help you to connect with your inner wisdom, create cards to bring your wisdom to life, and deepen your personal discovery practice.

 Here are the details:

  • Location: Zoom
  • Date: TBD
  • Time: TBD
  • Location: Zoom
  • Cost: $40
  • Registration: To register, and for questions, please email me at ina@inajubert.com, and I will send you payment information and additional details to prepare you for the evening.

I hope you’ll join me for a creative, fun, heart & soul nurturing SoulCollage® Open Studio session!

“After years of trying all kinds of healing modalities, this simple process for of creating and reading my own SoulCollage® cards is one of the most powerful methods I have found. I love how accessible and easy it is to use my cards to shift how I’m feeling about or perceiving a situation.”
- Caprice T

“Ina’s Soul in Action program was life-changing for me.  With great guidance, tools, meditations, and love, Ina helped me return to my pure soul and who I was meant to be – joyful and limitless!”
- Amanda C