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My clients come from every walk of life – corporate professionals, sales and business executives, medical professionals, business owners, teachers, mothers, real estate professionals, personal and professional coaches, healers, writers, artists, and more.  They all have one thing in common.  They want to find what is true for them so that they can be happy.  Below are the words of a few of my clients and their transformational experiences.
There have been times in my life where I have been on the threshold of major change and transformation, but I lacked clarity – no matter how hard I tried. I was simply blocked and stuck and just in my own way. That’s when I have turned to Ina for help and guidance. Using her intuition, intellect and compassion, she has asked me the exact right questions so that I could break out of the fog and access the truth deep inside me. Miraculous things have occurred. I would finally understand my course of action, my path. There would be a tremendous release and forward movement. I am so grateful for this help through the years.  
Pam R

Over the past few years I have worked with Ina to weigh my options on major decisions or when I needed a kind, but rational voice to help me organize my thinking. Her wisdom and probing questions continuously strip away the “noise” and she has helped me uncover my truth and decide what’s best for me. Ina’s unique approach to coaching fuses the spiritual with the practical. In a single session, we may start with meditation and breathing for grounding and focus, walk through my actions for achieving my goals, and remove emotional, energetic blocks from the past to go from releasing fear and doubt to seeing possibilities. The process has been transformational.
Vicki S

Ina approaches her coaching and healing practice from a place of authentic wisdom. With energy, curiosity, and respect, she partners with me to clarify my vision and then holds my vision for me as I find the voice of my dreams and desires. Along the journey, Ina listens deeply for the words my heart is speaking and provides me with compassionate and informed support as I find my way. She helps me to see how and where I might choose to move to be able to enjoy a more authentic experience of myself.
Jennifer E

Making change in one’s life – no matter how much one wants it – can be difficult! Ina has always guided me in making those changes in a safe and supportive way, never pushing me, never judging me. She has helped me find my path to a more fulfilling, peaceful and grounded life. No matter if I see her once a week or once a year, I feel her compassion and support will always be there when I need it.
Sally F