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Embracing the Power of Words and the Voice of the Heart

Surrendering into Joy

Are you up for a brief meditation experiment? Here it is . . . This meditation takes about four minutes. You can either use the instructions below to guide yourself through the meditation, or you can listen to this recording. If you wish to DIY, here are the...

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Finding Oneself Anew

The past several months have been life shifting for me and my husband and we’ve been pushed onto an unfamiliar path. I believe this is what is meant by the curve balls of life! I’ve had curve balls, but not quite like this. This time I thought, “Wait. I’ve been in the...

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When Life Gets Complicated

It's not going to be a shock to any of you when I say, sometimes life flows so easily – other times, not so much. Sometimes life gets complicated, unmoored even. What you imagine, hope for, dream of for your life gets dramatically changed in an instant, or even quite...

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Breathe in the Light in Challenging Times

Today I listened to an amazing podcast that featured Sharon Salzburg on the "10% Happier Podcast - How to Stay Politically Engaged Without Losing Your Mind".  I'd heard or read her name many times, but had never listened to her or read any of her books.  She is...

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Doing Stuff Even When You’re Not 100%

I don’t know about you, but sometimes when I’m down, when something has just gone wrong and I can’t pull myself out of my funk (like right now), I get this sense that maybe I don’t deserve to, for example, write my blog, or coach a client, or any of the other things I...

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