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On being a woman…..

Today is International Women’s Day.  In many ways it does feel like this is not just a day to celebrate women, but a year, and hopefully a lifetime, to celebrate the incredible beings that we are!  I see so many women, on the national scene and in my community of women, coming forward to share their stories of turning disempowering experiences into new life stories of power, purpose and positive impact. I’ve been so inspired in the last few months by women who have shown up for themselves and for all women, to help us all be brave in our journeys and to help us know that we are never alone.

Over the years, I’ve come to appreciate what is means to be a woman.  At one point I noticed that I wanted more and more to be in the company of women because I was learning so much about myself.  It’s a very freeing experience to be in feminine energy, to hear stories, to watch transformation, to feel feminine support.  I learned also to appreciate the women in my family – my mother, aunts, grandmothers, and all those women who came before them, women who moved their energy forward and into me.  Like it or not, we can’t help but be impacted by those woman, and men, who came before us.  I know I’ve rejected some of that energy – those traits that I saw in them and then in me that, to put it mildly, I didn’t care for.  These, of course, are the teachers; and, I’ve learned so much from taking the blinders off and walking towards the energy.  Of course, there are also the wonderful traits, many, many wonderful traits, which I embrace with all my heart and strive to build upon them and let them shine.  Together they make one honest person, just me, still learning to open, still learning to use my voice.

Just two weeks ago I lost my Aunt Claire.  She was my mother’s sister and the last of my mother’s (and father’s) siblings to leave us, at age 103.  My sister, Mary, and I had the privilege to be with her in the last couple of days of her life.  I was able to hold her hand, stroke her hair, and tell her that I love her.  I couldn’t help but feel that I was also with my mother in those tender moments.  I could feel her presence.  When I held my aunt’s hand, I was also holding my mother’s hand.  When I stroked my aunt’s hair, I was also stroking my mother’s hair.  When I told her I love her, I was also telling my mother that I love her.  When my aunt told me that she loved me, I could hear my mother also telling me that she loved me.  I could feel in my bones this sense of the lineage of women from which I come and which I share with my sister.  It was profound and I was so grateful.  I will never forget these moments.

I wish all the women I know, love and who are reading this blog, a day to begin again or to continue to honor and celebrate the woman you are.