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A grand gesture, or a quiet difference?

Did you ever notice what or who makes the biggest difference in your life?  Last week I had an issue at work.  I received a notice from the invoicing system that a bill for a class that I took in January had not been paid to the corporate card.  Since I received 3 emails within an hour, I figured it was a glitch.  After more than an hour of searching for help on the intranet, checking my credit card statement, looking for anything that would show that I had already put in an expense report and it was approved, I was beyond frustrated!  There was absolutely no help to be found to help me figure out why I received the emails and what I was supposed to do about them.  Somehow I stumbled on an internal networking site where I found a post from someone else who had the same problem and had a potential link for me to create a case.  I wrote a note of gratitude to the person and shared my frustration.  About five minutes later, I received an IM from another employee who saw my note and said that she may be able to help.  We connected and she gave me advice on options for resolving the issue. By this time I had spent two hours trying to get this resolved and I was not a happy camper.  But, her voice was so calm, and I recognized that she was so generous to reach out to me, that I began to soften.  I followed her suggestions – sharing my screen so she could step me through her recommended process.  As it turns out, she is an executive assistant to one of the VP’s.  (She did not tell me this.  I looked her up after our conversation.)  She receives notifications when someone posts on that particular site and she said that she could feel my frustration.  It was incredibly kind of her to reach out to me and I could feel her energy, her generous spirit.  When I got off the line, I noticed that my mind and body were so calm.  She made me feel so cared for.  As an energy healer, I know that our energies are entwined, especially when there is intentional connection.  As a human, I forget that when I’m in the throes of a problem.  In those 5 minutes that we spent together she helped me to remember the power of energy and that it doesn’t take a lot to make a very big difference in someone’s life.  I often think that I’m not doing enough or being big enough, or getting out there enough to make a difference in the world.  But, here was a 5 minute interaction with someone I didn’t know and now I’m writing about that interaction and what it meant to me.  Not only did she help me with my issue, she helped me to remember to rethink what I do every day, to pay attention to the opportunities there are to offer my spirit in the here and now.  She helped me to remember that it’s not always a grand gesture that makes the biggest difference.  It truly is in the quiet moments, in the little things, that we can feel the most incredible power to transform a perspective, an outcome, or a heart.  What quiet moments do you notice in your life?  Are you able to give and to receive?