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Doing Stuff Even When You’re Not 100%

I don’t know about you, but sometimes when I’m down, when something has just gone wrong and I can’t pull myself out of my funk (like right now), I get this sense that maybe I don’t deserve to, for example, write my blog, or coach a client, or any of the other things I love to do.  I tell myself that I need to be 100% ok in order to be in the world, or to put my energy into the world.  Otherwise, I think I don’t deserve to be out there.  Who am I to do healing work if I’m not feeling healed?  Who am I to talk about strategies for living a positive and purposeful life if I’m feeling sad, anxious, not worthy, off my own path?  If I don’t have the answers for myself, how am I supposed to help others find the answers?  Have you ever felt that way?

I had a little discovery today.  I decided that I’m just not going to care about that any longer.  I realized that in this un-moored moment that I feel like writing.  I want to write this blog.  This is what’s on my mind right now.  I know that I am working through this challenge, bringing all my tools to bear on this issue I am working through.  I always do.  So, I’m not going to let this stop me from doing something I love.  I have no doubt that I will get through this.  I’ve been through tough times many, many times before.  I’m doing some pretty deep personal healing work right now.  So, I guess it stands to reason that I would be standing in front of tough areas that need to be faced, cleared, and filled with compassion, understanding, and love. 

I hope this blog gives you some peace and understanding that you can share who you are even as you too work on your life.  In fact, sharing your trials and triumphs can be very helpful to others.  It’s ok. 

Every person on this planet is dealing, or has dealt, with something difficult at least once in their lives.  I think it’s all about how we approach the challenge.  Personally, as I’ve written before, I take pleasure in setting aside some time to have a pity party.  That’s ok too.  Then, I take out my tools:  meditation (if I can settle myself), journaling, talking with a trusted friend/family member, checking into my energy – where is this sitting in my body?  Am I ready to let it go?  Once I let it go, what do I want to bring in?  (Energy clearing is like spring cleaning.  You are creating space.  Make sure you are intentional about what you put into that space.)  I may also do some deeper work, such as seeing if I have a spiritual contract in play or if there is something in my lineage that needs to clear.  Or, sometimes it’s something as simple as stepping back and being very, very honest with oneself.  OK. Sometimes being honest with oneself is not easy.  This is something I’m doing now.  But, it’s worthwhile.

So, even when you’re not feeling quite up to par, keep going.  Start that project.  Make that phone call.  Get that booty moving.  Write a few pages of your bestselling novel. Teach a class. Lead a team. Make a start. Create. You will feel much better.