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Breathe in the Light in Challenging Times

Today I listened to an amazing podcast that featured Sharon Salzburg on the “10% Happier Podcast – How to Stay Politically Engaged Without Losing Your Mind”.  I’d heard or read her name many times, but had never listened to her or read any of her books.  She is amazing!  What was so helpful in listening to her today was to know that even she, a master practitioner and teacher of meditation, has found herself in the mire of the damaging, angry, not always productive, political discourse we experience these days.  I don’t know about you, but I started to notice in the last couple of weeks that it is affecting me physically.  Checking into my body, I can feel the tension.  My arms and hands are talking to me, telling me that we need to take a step back, find beauty, notice the love around me, be present with the beautiful energy of my home, my surroundings, my family and friends.  In the podcast today Sharon spoke about being kind and also being wise, that we don’t want to live in anger for an extended period of time because it simply does not produce good results for us, or for anyone.  She talked about, instead, finding our wisdom.  I love that word, not just because it’s in my company name, but because, at least for me, it means intelligence on so many levels; and, it means that there is space for heart, compassion, empathy, understanding, and expansion. 

Wisdom….. Take a moment to breathe on that word.

I’ve seen a lot of negative, hateful, hurtful, exchanges, on Facebook in particular.  I’ve fallen into the trap of trying to change someone’s mind.  Guess what?  No one ever changes their mind because the “conversation” always devolves and goes absolutely nowhere.  Wisdom….  With a little chuckle, I will say that I have not tapped into my wisdom a whole lot lately.  I have been very reactive.  So today, I listened to my body tell me that we’ve had enough.  We are tired emotionally and physically, drained of the light.  So today, I meditated and breathed like I haven’t in a long time. 

A few questions for you:

  • Are you listening to your body?
  • Are you watching to see if you are in anger or in wisdom?
  • Are you letting the light in so that your body, mind, and soul are replenished?
  • Are you letting the light in so that your wisdom is illuminated?

While I learned a lot in the podcast, I’m not sure it exactly showed me how to stay politically engaged without losing my mind.  The only thing I really remember is – VOTE!  That I can do with wisdom and light!!!  How about you?

(BTW – the podcast channel is called “10% Happier”. It is awesome!)

I invite you to find your wise center, to release non-wise thoughts and energy to make space for you to breathe in the light…..