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An Unlikely Catalyst for Change

Do you ever have thoughts like: “My life is so small.”  “I’m not sure I make any difference in the world, or to anyone.”  Have you ever had an “It’s a Wonderful Life” moment, asking yourself, “Would it matter if I’d not been born?”  (Actually, in the movie George Baily wonders if everyone in his life would have been better off without him.) 

I ask these questions because I’m struck by the impact of George Floyd on our nation and across the planet.  Millions of people, here and around the world, say his name.  Millions of people are invoking his name to demand justice, to demand humanity for all, to demand systemic changes in some of our most revered institutions, to demand that leaders take notice that the world is not the same as it was before those fatal 8 minutes on May 25.  The House has even passed the “George Floyd Police Reform” bill.  It may not have a prayer of being passed, but still.  It’s impressive.

Would George Floyd every have expected this?  Did he ever think he would be a person who could start a revolution?  (I hope it’s a revolution.)  All of a sudden all those questions, many of which I will admit I’ve asked myself, now have a different feel to them.  This man, George Floyd, would probably say that he was a flawed, if not complex, man.  I’ve heard him described as violent, loving, a drug addict, a thief, a gentle giant, a spiritual seeker, a friend, a father, a brother, and an uncle.  He was probably much, much more.  We certainly know that he was a son.  This man, who many of us would probably judge to not be the greatest human that ever lived, is changing the course of our society’s view of people.  Would that have ever crossed his mind?

Certainly most of us will pass from this life without being the spark of an extraordinary moment in history.  But, how do we know anything about that?  How can we be certain that our life, in some way, has not had that depth of meaning?   In the healing world we know that energy is carried from one generation to another.  So, how do we know the influence of our energy in this lifetime or on the generations to come?  It’s impossible to know. One thing is clear. George Floyd is a testament to the idea that that no matter your path, you make a difference and you matter.  #BLM