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I’m sorry your fish died. I don’t need a shot.

Last night I had dinner with two of my BFFs.  To say that we got silly is a total understatement.  And, not an alcoholic beverage was in sight!  We laughed so hard, we simply could not stop.  Even our waiter seemed to enjoy the banter between us and him and the playfulness at the table.  We simply had so much fun!!!  A few things struck me about the evening, even in the moment.  1) It’s not like we didn’t have serious things to talk about.   We did.  We always do.  And bringing a sense of humor, compassion, and love to the discussion – all at once – was helpful in knowing that we had each other’s backs.  Sometimes that’s all we need, is to know that out there in the world, as we are living our lives, there are wonderful people who love us and lift us with their unconditional support and belief in us. 2) Silliness for silliness’ sake is so good for the soul.  Even now, almost 24 hours later, I can feel myself laughing and I can feel the ease of being with my girls.  I have a smile on my face!  (There are lots of studies about the power of a smile on health and longevity.)  3) I am lucky to have these amazing women in my life.  We have known each other for 26 years.  We’ve been together as we’ve gotten married, had kids, dealt with family issues, questioned our direction in life, supported our goals, and so much more.

Bottom line:   Silly with a twist of love is the best kind of silly!!!

Why the title of this blog?  I have to say that I am cracking up when I think of it!!!  My friend Maria said that her fish died.  I felt so badly and asked “How old?”  She said, “10 years.”  I thought that was a pretty old fish!  And, was that possible?  She went on to say that she and her husband decided they should get one with a water spout and ice dispenser, etc, etc, etc…  By this time you can imagine that I had no idea what she was talking about.  Is she getting a new fish tank for a new fish?  Can you get a fish tank with a water spout and ice?  Why would you need ice?  You can see where this is going.  I stopped her and said – “So what died?”  “My fridge.”  (Laugh.  Laugh.  Belly laugh.)

Then, the waiter brought us our beverages and asked if we also wanted a shot (I assumed of whiskey or something).  I thought he was being funny because we were being so funny.  I said, “No we don’t need a shot!  We’re silly enough.”  Strange looks all around!!!  He actually said, “Do you want a straw?”  And there he plopped the straws on the table.  (Laugh.  Laugh.  Belly laugh.) A whole discussion about hearing aids ensued after that!  In my defense, it was noisy in there.  LOL!!

Do you have enough silliness with a twist of love in your life?  Phone a silly friend, have a belly laugh, relax and enjoy the moment!!!

I hope you find silliness with a twist of love in your life today!