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Belief busting….

A couple of weeks ago I took some vacation time just for me.  I attended a 4-day collage workshop and immersed myself in making art.  I completely took myself into a world of creativity.  When I’m there, not much else exists in the world.  It’s lovely!  It was so refreshing to take the time to do something fun, out of my comfort zone, beautiful, out of the ordinary, and about which I am so passionate.  I haven’t usually taken this kind of time for myself.  It’s just not who I’ve been.  I’ve been the type to wait on others to make joint decisions about how I’ll spend time that I think is as valuable as vacation time (a belief).  I’ve always held it as needing to share it with others, my husband in particular (another belief), or having to do something people typically do on vacations (yet another belief).  You can see that I’ve been doing some belief-busting!  Last year I held onto my vacation time with such vigor that every time I took vacation, I got sick, and I mean really sick.  It was a wakeup call, and I took the call.  Now this may seem like a simple example of the impact of beliefs.  But, sometimes the simple things can show you where you have patterns in your life that restrict your growth and your spirit.  A simple belief can make a big impact on all of your life.  Busting through a simple belief, can change the trajectory of your life.

What beliefs do you have that keep you from doing, being, and having what you want in your life?  What beliefs do you have that keep you from pursuing your passions or being true to yourself?