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Are you in your happy place?

This Tuesday I finished teaching a 2-part class that focused on developing confidence in using intuition and healing skills.  Some of the students wanted to develop this confidence for their own use and others to use with clients.  I had such a great time creating and teaching this program.  I was in a happy, happy place!  After I taught the first session, I wondered why I don’t do more of what I love to do – teach.

My purpose in life is to help people to know, love and be themselves. For me, there is nothing more amazing than to witness that moment when people “get” what they are capable of creating within themselves, for their lives and in the world.  That I can create the environment for that to happen fills my life with joy.  So, what stops me?  As I ponder this question, several things come to mind.  1) I haven’t taught a class in so long, I simply did not remember how much I love it.  2) I’m sometimes going in many different directions.  I am not always mindful of the purpose of each thing I do or take on.  3) I don’t always have the level of confidence I think I need (“think” being the operative word) to do the things I love that are more public.  What if I will be judged?  What if it’s not good?  4) I forget that the only thing that matters is that I LOVE what I do and find it valuable.  If I do, someone else will as well.  5)  I forget that it doesn’t have to be perfect!!!!!!!  (BIG ONE!)

Is there something you’ve done that also fills you with joy, but that you don’t seem to get to often, or at all?  What stops you? What steps can you take to bring you back to your passion, or to bring your passion squarely into your life?