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This is my first blog post!  I love firstsFirsts are exhilarating, scary, daring, fun, and signals new beginnings, sometimes all at once!  For me, finally writing in a blog is about truly stepping out into the world and stepping into my work even more deeply.  So this first is scary and exhilarating at the same time.  I’ve been wanting to do this for years and hadn’t really found the courage to express myself in such a public way.  But it’s been a great journey over the past few years to find my voice, to trust my heart, and to believe that I have something worthwhile to share.  So on my day of firsts, I invite you to also think about something in your life that you long to do.  If you’re not ready to start today, I encourage you to keep the goal in your heart.  See it, feel it, and believe that one day you will be in a place to make happen your goal, your dream, your desire.  If you are ready today – go for it and celebrate your arrival!!!!

I also hope that in this blog we will have a dialogue between you, me, other seekers and finders!  So let me know your dreams and how you are doing on your journey.  And let’s encourage each other to realize many courageous firsts!