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Choices from the Heart

I’ve been thinking a lot about keeping my heart open during these times of confusion, hurt, and turmoil.  This time has sent me inward to see how I am contributing to division and racism.  On division, it’s been relatively easy to laugh at the memes and make seemingly innocuous comments.  I think I’m above the fray because I don’t actually post anything cruel.  I only see what others are posting and concur outwardly with a simple emoji or inwardly with anger boiling up.   When the protests started, I will admit that I let that anger be fueled by everything I was seeing (which was unimaginable) and reading.  I was angry for our black citizens to have to endure this again, and again, and again.  I was angry at the looters and the violence that was disturbing the peaceful protests.  I was afraid for citizens and the police (Yes, there are bad cops.  There are also good cops – I was afraid for them.)  I was so angry seeing peaceful protesters tear gassed and pushed aside for triviality and falseness.  How could this happen here?  I cried.

One day I woke up and decided that I wanted to explore my contribution to all of this – the division and the racism.  It’s not enough to be indignant.  I wanted to figure out what I was going to do beyond that, how was I going to contribute in a positive way?  Of course I would still be angry.  It’s the channeling of that anger into something positive, into growth, into being part of this movement that is happening to bring humanity to all of our citizens, and those beyond our borders.  And, so, every word I utter, every post I put onto Facebook or Instagram, every encounter that I have, my goal is to notice how I want to respond in the moment, and how I will respond in a way that is primed for positive change, growth, a new way, and the way of embracing.  My intention is to shine light so that the darkness is overcome with love.  Am I being naïve?  Maybe.  But, that’s ok with me.  I see the wisdom that love, empathy, commitment, support, tears, and truth are the real power of the human spirit.