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Surrendering into Joy

Are you up for a brief meditation experiment? Here it is . . .

This meditation takes about four minutes. You can either use the instructions below to guide yourself through the meditation, or you can listen to this recording. If you wish to DIY, here are the instructions:

  • Set a timer for four minutes.
  • Think about a situation or experience that’s foremost on your mind right now. It could be either challenging or totally wonderful.
  • When you’re ready, start your timer, close your eyes, take in and release a few deep breaths, and allow the word surrender to come into your energy. Let it connect with the situation or experience you brought to mind and notice how your mind, body, or energy respond.
  • After the timer goes off, check to see if you need more time to stay in exploration.
  • When you’re ready to open your eyes, journal what came forward.

Now let me tell you about an experience I had at the end of my yoga class last week. We did the typical lie-back-on-your-mat end-of-yoga-class pose. As we were lying there, the teacher told us that the theme for her classes that week was surrender. And what came immediately to my mind? Oh, gosh (not the actual word I thought!). Really? I have way too much going on. Can I surrender in a month or two when I feel like I’m on track?

So, what is going on that put me into such resistance? If you’ve been reading my newsletters, posts, or blogs you know that life is kinda complicated right now. On top of everything else, I recently found out that I have osteoporosis, which threw me into utter disbelief. I kept thinking that the technician or doc must have switched my results with someone else’s because it’s just not possible. I eat a healthy diet (mostly), work out at least five times a week, and take all the right supplements. And, you know, it’s just not my path.

Resistance. Resistance. Resistance.

As is typical when I’m faced with an issue, I go into action. I created a health team. I have my PCP. I’ve already met with my naturopath. And I have an appointment with a physician who is also a functional (holistic) doctor.

Action. Action. Action.

I started reading. I found out that what I do for my workouts is actually not optimal for bone health. Geesh! So, I joined a local yoga studio and started classes immediately. And I dusted off my dance moves! I’ve also read about bone-building foods, foods to avoid, and the nutrients and supplements needed to rebuild bone.

Action. Action. Action.

With all of that, there I was at the end of the yoga class, lying on my back, eyes closed, arms at my side, and hands in an open position to receive. The teacher started speaking. “Take deep breaths (yada, yada, yada) . . . After that, the only word I heard coming from her was “surrender.” I know she said other words around it, but I was stuck on that word, and very much in resistance. All I could think of was I have osteoporosis—yet another thing to deal with—and she wants me to surrender, well breathe and surrender. “Breathe. Surrender.” She kept at it. “Breathe. Surrender.” It was like a mantra, but an annoying one.

Then I noticed myself starting to soften. Tears welled up and fell along the sides of my face. It’s too much with all the other things happening in my life. “Breathe. Surrender.” Please stop saying that. Tears continued to fall. But then I noticed that I started to connect with my body and my beautiful bones. I felt such incredible gratitude for my body, my bones, and all the elements housed in this skin. I felt so much love in this connection. I’ll take care of you, I whispered to my body. We’ll be ok. Then I felt a smile come across my face. In my mind’s eye I could see my SoulCollage® card of my girl archetype: Joy.

Joy: I am the one who lets go into joy. I am the one who sees the beauty and playfulness in life. I am the one who sees the possibilities open to me when I am simply in flow.




I could feel myself surrendering into joy. I understood and felt the power of surrender, that it was not only ok to surrender, but incredibly important to all aspects of my health. I noticed my thoughts shift to unequivocal love for my body as I let it know I was listening. The truth was it had been trying to tell me for a few months that my diet, exercise routine, and approach to managing stress weren’t working, but now I could finally hear it. In that moment, on the mat, I listened and connected deeply. I let my body know that we would heal, that I was committing to us, and that I would create the changes we needed on all planes to care for this precious body, mind, spirit, and energy.

Surrender. Surrender. Surrender.

We think that surrendering to ourselves, situations, or experiences will make us feel powerless. What if it makes us more powerful? What if it helps us to see any situation differently, in a more expansive way, with more possibilities? What if surrender leads us to know and love ourselves beyond what we could have ever expected? What if the actions we take no longer come from a place of fear, but from a place of inner strength?

I invite you to continue the experiment. Listen to the voice within you, what it wishes to reveal, and what is possible for you in your surrender.