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Joyous Expression of Me (JEM) Workshops

Come Alive with Inspiration and Follow Your Dreams

Live Your Soul’s Purpose

Joyous Expression of Me (JEM) Workshops are energetic, creative, and soul awakening workshops that support you to open to new possibilities, clarify your life, work, and soul’s path, create purposeful change and express yourself with knowing and confidence.  JEM Workshops are designed to give you the time and space to:

  • Focus on priority areas in your life and align your intentions to your heart and soul’s purpose
  • Listen to your inner wisdom to know and fully embrace all parts of yourself
  • Explore your goals and desires, open up to new possibilities, and grow as you break through blocks and limiting beliefs and create intentional ways of being
  • Find clarity about steps to take realize your vision, goals, priorities, and intentions
  • Experience the power of community to share wisdom, experiences, and learnings
  • Be in a supportive group that will help you be accountable for your actions, will cheer you on, and will celebrate with you!

For longer programs, there is also intentional work between sessions to help you further develop and anchor new ways of being as well as practices to use beyond the workshop that will become a part of your life.

“Ina’s wisdom and insightful questions have helped me release energetic blocks, uncover my wants and desires, and see my truth.  She fuses the practical with the spiritual in her 1:1 coaching and workshops, and the process has been transformational.”
- Vickie S

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