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An oasis where you can experience peace and a sense of well-being
Meditation is an oasis where you can experience balance, joy, health, clarity, relaxation, peace and a sense of well-being.

  • Do you long to stop your busy life, release stress and feel tranquility and calm?
  • Are you looking for a way to give your body or spirit time to heal?
  • Are you going through life changes and challenges and wish to find inner peace?

Traditionally meditation was (and still is) used for spiritual growth, accessing inner wisdom, unfolding our inner selves and accelerating our journey to our inner desires, true beliefs, and our purpose in life.   In addition to these spiritual foundations, the health benefits of meditation have long been recognized in the cultures and traditions where these methods originated.  In our society, many western medical establishments have embraced meditation as a way to help their patients heal physically, mentally and emotionally.  We now know that meditation provides stress relief in our demanding, fast-paced world.  It helps us to heal places where we feel broken and hurt.  We find emotional cleansing and balancing, deepened concentration and insight, access to our intuition, and an unlocking of our creativity and potential through a meditation practice.  Ina has been practicing and teaching meditation for more than 25 years.  Whether you are just starting a meditation practice or currently have a meditation practice, Ina will help you to explore various forms of meditation so that you can deepen your practice or find the method that is right for you.

Contact Ina for a private meditation session, 978-239-5221, ijubert111@icloud.com.  Ina is also available for group sessions.  All private sessions are via Skype or phone. Group sessions are either in person or virtually via Skype or Zoom.