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Embracing the Power of Words and the Voice of the Heart

Are you in your happy place?

This Tuesday I finished teaching a 2-part class that focused on developing confidence in using intuition and healing skills.  Some of the students wanted to develop this confidence for their own use and others to use with clients.  I had such a great time creating and...

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I get to….

I’m kind of on a roll!  This is my second blog today!  Actually, I’ve committed to writing a blog at least twice a month. I have my soul sister, Maria, holding me accountable.  I think I told her I’d write one once a week.  Shhhh! We won’t tell her I’m cheating a...

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Phases of life….

Yesterday I pulled three hairs off my chiny, chin, chin! I noticed a few more wrinkles and a little more drooping here and there. Ah, getting older. What does it all mean? It’s been on my mind lately. A couple weeks ago, I watched a segment on one of the morning shows...

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Change Your Internal Dialogue

There’s a lot of unpleasantness happening in my environment right now. And, I am very aware that I can take myself to a negative place when that happens.  Today, I noticed my inner dialogue and outer dialogue and decided that I didn’t like either.  So, from this...

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This is my first blog post!  I love firsts.  Firsts are exhilarating, scary, daring, fun, and signals new beginnings, sometimes all at once!  For me, finally writing in a blog is about truly stepping out into the world and stepping into my work even more deeply.  So...

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