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Embracing the Power of Words and the Voice of the Heart

On being a woman…..

Today is International Women’s Day.  In many ways it does feel like this is not just a day to celebrate women, but a year, and hopefully a lifetime, to celebrate the incredible beings that we are!  I see so many women, on the national scene and in my community of...

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Oh, the power of a good Pity Party!

We all have days when we feel down and out.  We can feel sad, out of sorts, or just have the blues.  Sometimes, you don’t know why you feel this way.  Today I felt this way, kind of sad and down.  I had no idea why.  Sometimes it just happens. A long time ago I gave...

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To defend or stand for yourself? That is the question.

When you work on yourself, which I seem to be constantly doing, you never know what kind of insights will hit you at any given time.  My husband and I were talking about how we relate to each other at times.  He said that I’m really good at standing for myself.  I was...

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Belief busting….

A couple of weeks ago I took some vacation time just for me.  I attended a 4-day collage workshop and immersed myself in making art.  I completely took myself into a world of creativity.  When I’m there, not much else exists in the world.  It’s lovely!  It was so...

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I’m sorry your fish died. I don’t need a shot.

Last night I had dinner with two of my BFFs.  To say that we got silly is a total understatement.  And, not an alcoholic beverage was in sight!  We laughed so hard, we simply could not stop.  Even our waiter seemed to enjoy the banter between us and him and the...

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