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Embracing the Power of Words and the Voice of the Heart

An Unlikely Catalyst for Change

Do you ever have thoughts like: “My life is so small.”  “I’m not sure I make any difference in the world, or to anyone.”  Have you ever had an “It’s a Wonderful Life” moment, asking yourself, “Would it matter if I’d not been born?”  (Actually, in the...

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Self-love in the Time of Coronavirus

(Re-posted from March) Last night I heard that Boston is closing restaurants, except for take-out.  After my first thought of concern for friends who own 3 restaurants, hoping that they are ok, a feeling of intense fear came into my mind and body. What if Iose my...

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Choices from the Heart

I’ve been thinking a lot about keeping my heart open during these times of confusion, hurt, and turmoil.  This time has sent me inward to see how I am contributing to division and racism.  On division, it’s been relatively easy to laugh at the memes and make...

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Another New Beginning!

Welcome to the New Year – 2020!!  It’s a nice round number, isn’t it?  I’m hoping that is a good omen. I sort of bounded into the New Year with a new word/phrase for the year – practicing imperfection!  I heard this from Reshma Saujani, founder of “Girls Who Code”. ...

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A grand gesture, or a quiet difference?

Did you ever notice what or who makes the biggest difference in your life?  Last week I had an issue at work.  I received a notice from the invoicing system that a bill for a class that I took in January had not been paid to the corporate card.  Since I received 3...

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